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10 Ways to Cut Costs in Your New Home

There are countless ways to save (and spend) money when building or purchasing a new home. If it's really important to you that you save money during this process, you need to be intentional and aware of where you can cut the costs. From choosing a property to build on and a general contractor, to choosing flooring and cabinets, there are a lot of decisions that determine how much cash you'll end up spending.

How to save money in a new home | Vista, CA General Contractor

One: Figure Out What's Important to You.

Let me ask you something: Are you married? If you are, you might want to consider talking to your spouse to get their opinions on important features in your home. Are you willing to compromise in some areas? Either way, you need to set out clear expectations - if you don't, you run the risk of costs going up further down the line.

Two: Do Your Research

We've said this before, but you really need to be researching before you start to build. Tour model homes in your area and find out what you like, and what you don't. Figuring out what you don't like is just as important as what you do - and it will help you cut costs, since you wont be adding useless features into your home.

Three: Find the Right Builder

This step is super important because they're ultimately going to be the ones taking your ideas and bringing them to life. The right builder will agree to a set price without too many overages. They'll be able to construct a sturdy home on a firm foundation that will last a lifetime and be a safe place for your family. Make sure that you meet with your builder beforehand. You need to be able to communicate well with them and trust them to get the job done.

Four: Communicate With Your Builder

You know how they say that communication is key to a successful relationship? This could not be more true with your builder. Make sure that you keep an open line of communication with them and that they know what your top priorities are when it comes to your build. Ask them how you can cut costs when building - remember that, this isn't their first rodeo, so they'll know ways that you can save money!

Five: Be Wise in Choosing the Right Property to Build on

Finding the perfect property, at the right price point, can be a daunting task that could take years. However, if you set up alerts with Realestate websites that notify you when a new property is up for sale, you'll save yourself a lot of stress. It might take some time if you want to save money when purchasing, but once you find the right lot, it'll all be worth it.

Six: Use Your Connections

When shopping for materials and other items for your house, remember to ask if you can use your builders discount. They can often get items at a wholesale or discounted price, which will save you some cash.

Seven: A Workman is Worthy of His Hire

If you're serious about saving money, you might want to consider doing some of the work yourself. I'm not suggesting that you decide to put your own roof on, but if you're handy you can help out on some of the smaller projects. At the end of the day, your builder (and your ability) will let you know if you can help.

Eight: Make the Move More Cost Effective

Another way that you can save money, is by making your move as cost effective as possible. This might mean recruiting friends to help you or getting inexpensive moving supplies. Either way, this is a really handy tip when trying to save money. The more people you know, the more help you'll get.

Nine: Think About the Furniture You'll Need

If you know that you'll need to furnish a lot of your home, make a list of every room, and the furniture you'll need for each room. Then, buy it ahead of time (on sale, if you can!) and save yourself some money. If you like a rustic or vintage look, you might think about going antiquing or shopping an estate sale. There is so much out there that you can refurbish and make brand new.

Ten: Big Picture Focus

It's so easy to get distracted, and overwhelmed, with all of the small details that go into a new home, but the more you can keep your eyes focused on the big picture, the better. Small things like your hardware or fireplace mantle, shouldn't take all of your focus. Those things can always get changed, but the placement of your windows or where the master bedroom is, can't be changed after the build is done. Well there you have it! 10 Ways to Cut Costs in Your New Home. We hope you gained some insight into how you can save yourself some cash. And as always, if you have any questions, or you want to start on your own custom build, please feel free to reach out, our team will be more than happy to assist you with any project you need! #sandiegogeneralcontractor#northcountygeneralcontractor#construction#newbuild#customhome#custom

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