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10 Ways to Use Shiplap in Your Home

We're back again with another post about Shiplap. We've explored in previous posts what shiplap is, but now we're going to talk about some ways that you can incorporate it into your home. You might know about some of these ideas and some of them might shock you. Let's dive into 10 ways you can use shiplap in your home.

1. A statement wall in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

If you want to add character to your space, then a statement wall might be a good way to go! This will add a lot of texture to an otherwise bland wall, and you could even use it as a part of your headboard in a bedroom.

2. The bathroom

Using shiplap in your bathroom can make the space look updated and put together. Going along with the first tip, you can make a statement wall that will highlight features in your space and bring the room together.

3. Resurfacing the fireplace

Using shiplap on your fireplace will create a focal point that they eye will gravitate toward. This will also make your space look more open by drawing the eye upward. A lot of people choose to use shiplap on their fireplace because it refreshes the space and creates a cohesive look throughout the home.

4. Adding a pop of character in the entryway

This is a popular choice among many homeowners. Adding shiplap to your entryway gives a welcoming feel and creates the illusion of a more spacious room (especially if you have a staircase nearby)

5. Switch it up in your kitchen

Brining shiplap into your kitchen might seem obvious, but if you're looking for a modern feel, install your shiplap vertical. Open shelving will stand out against vertical shiplap.

6. Accent wall in a reading nook, study, or office

Shiplap brings warmth to any space it's in - especially in an office. If you add shiplap to the lining of your built in shelves, it'll create a cozy space, perfect to read in!

7. On your ceiling

This is a funky one, but stay with me. If you panel your ceiling with shiplap, you'll draw the eye upward and adding a mirror to reflect the wood above will create the illusion of a larger space. This could also serve as your statement wall and bring the whole home together cohesively.

8. Clean lines in the laundry room

Brining shiplap that's been painted white into the laundry room is the perfect way to add a light and airy touch to an otherwise boring space. Think about it: You spend a lot of time in there! So make it a space that you want to be, instead of a space that you have to be.

9. Use it as a backdrop

If you don't want to go shiplap-crazy, you can incorporate it into a built in or a pantry. This will give the objects a consistent and stunning backdrop that is sure to wow anyone visiting your home.

10. Hallway accents

Using shiplap in your hallway is the perfect way to draw the eye to a specific focal point, whether that be a back door or a cozy reading nook. The idea is that the shiplap will create parallel lines that will guide the eye to a point of perspective.

That's it! We hope that you enjoyed this quick guide on how you can utilize shiplap in your home! If you use any of these ideas, tag us on Instagram @JMgencontractors



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