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2019 Home Trends

If you're buying or renovating your home this year and you want the latest and greatest, try incorporating these five home trends into your project!


Contemporary house | Oceanside General Contractor

Contemporary homes are a classic, unique, style that can take on many different looks. These homes incorporate a sleek design with large windows and open spaces. A lot of people are drawn to this type of home because it blends historic elements and current trends together. Contemporary homes typically represent sustainability and they use a lot of recycled, non-toxic material.


Mediterranean house | Vista general contractor

These types of homes can make you feel like you're on a vacation somewhere in France, Italy, or Spain. Homeowners in places like California love them for their hacienda-style layouts which typically include some type of courtyard in the center of the home. Details like colorful tile work, exposed wooden beams, and heavy wooden doors give Mediterranean homes an extravagant feel.

Ranch House

Ranch Style House | Escondido general contractor

These one-story homes offer space and privacy and can be updated to fit anyone's style. Ranch houses offer a sustainable place for people to age in, since they're one-story and they'll give the homeowner a sense of freedom while they retire. These homes are popular in-part for their practicality - one-story homes require much less maintenance and typically have an open layout that flows throughout the home.


The Painted Ladies | Townhouse | Valley Center General Contractor

Townhomes became popular in major cities like San Francisco to save space - we all want to own a Pink Lady, but most of us can't afford it. One of the reasons for its popularity is affordability and value. Townhomes can be built fast, affordable, and they take up less space which means that the builder can fit more homes into an area increasing value. They're usually built in the center of buzzing cities, so it gives the owner a sense of privacy, but without the cost of buying a single-family home.


Cottage | San Diego General Contractor

Who wouldn't want to live in a cozy cottage in a small town in the english countryside? Me. But who can afford it? Not me. Cottages are often tied to the Tiny Homes Movement which is surging forward in popularity. This minimalist way of thinking embraces creative solutions for living a debt free life. These homebuyers are looking for cottages because they have a vintage charm and wont break the bank. Unlike grandma and grandpa, millennials (the new home buyers) are more interested in spending money on having experiences, than investing in big homes.

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