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5 Home Renovation Myths - Debunked!

HGTV has millions of people thinking that they know everything about home renovation. But what if you know is actually a myth! Before you jump headfirst into a home improvement project, do your research. Keep on reading for our top 5 Home Renovation Myths - Debunked!

1. Permits are Optional

You might be think that your project is small, so is there really a need for a permit? Answer: you'll probably need one. Always check your local jurisdiction to see if your home improvements require a permit. You can take a chance and undertake the project without a permit, but you could face fines or even be required to undo the work. Keep in mind that unpermitted work will be a huge red flag to potential home buyers and could cost you not only money but time.

2. I'll Get my Money Back When I Sell

Just because you spend $100,000 on a kitchen doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get that money back when you sell. Not everyone will value your snazzy kitchen the way you do, and you have to remember that people are different from you and share different tastes. All this isn't to say that you shouldn't create your dream space when doing a home improvement, but don't have a high expectation to recoup all of the money you spent.

3. I have to Have the Latest Trend

A certain type of design might be on-trend in 2019, but that doesn't mean that will be the case two years from now. Trends change all of the time and you don't want to pour thousands of precious dollars into a project only to be sick of it in the near future. Putting carpet in the bathroom circa the 1970s is a great example of this. We look at that and say, "what were you thinking?" They saw it as a top of the line improvement. Choose wisely, friends.

4. DIY is the Cheaper Option

You might think that you can do it yourself for less than what a contractor would charge. And while this statement holds true, it's important to keep in mind your costs. A contractor can typically purchase the supplies needed for less than the client and becuase a contractor is an expert in the field, they can get the job done the right way - the first time. Don't even ask us how many people will try to be Joanna Gains and then call us needing us to fix one thing or another. We recommend calling in a professional - there are definitely things that you can do at home (resurfacing cabinets, painting the house, etc..) but for the big things, please feel free to reach out.

5. Any Project I do Will Add Value to My Home

If you're looking to add resale value to your home, you might think about taking on a home renovation project, but do some research to find out what exactly will add value and what won't. A kitchen remodel is always a good option and will definitely add resale value to your home - again, don't expect to get your whole investment back, but you're looking at an average payback of about 79.3%.



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