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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

So you've just moved into your dream house, but now what? You'll need to choose paint colors (if you're not sticking to standard white, and if you're looking at this post right now, you're probably in need of some help deciding what paint color to choose). We put together 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home and we hope you try these out! If you use one of our tips, tag us on Instagram @JMgencontractors .

Let's jump into the guide!

1. Avoid picking your paint color first

I know this might seem a little counter intuitive, but just go with me on this. If you choose your paint color first, then you'll have to match everything else with that color. If you choose it based on your selection for furniture you'll have an easier time picking a color that will compliment the space, not compete against everything else going on.

2. Neutrals are typically the way to go

Color in a space is always a good idea! However, you want to be intentional with the colors that you use - the main color should be a neutral that compliments everything else in the space. If you do choose to add color, you could add it to a bathroom or in the kitchen where the color pallet is mostly neutral.

3. Test the paint color against the furniture and fabric you've chosen

Don't just test your paint on the wall. Paint a piece of poster board or use the paint swatch and hold it up against different pieces in your home. This is why it's a good idea to choose your paint after you've selected the other pieces. It's okay if it doesn't match perfectly, but they should compliment one another and not compete.

4. Have a color scheme

You don't want everything to match perfectly, but the theme of this post is that everything should compliment one another. Go onto Pinterest and look for color pallets. Once you find one that you like, base your colors off of that. In our friends house, their color pallet is cream, black, brown and tan leathers, and sage green. You can utilize all of the colors in your pallet in the different rooms of your house and have it all flow seamlessly together with minimal effort.

5. Be inspired

Start by creating a Pinterest board (this will also help you choose a color scheme!). Pin different pieces that catch your eye and get a feel for what you're drawn to (color and furniture/decor wise). You can pull inspiration from a lot of different places, so pay attention to what you're drawn to.

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