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General Contractor Role:

What is the role of a Contractor: This person is the main contractor or prime person responsible for the project at a construction site. This person is the contact person for all vendors, sub-contractors and manages the site project from start to finish. In order to be a General Contractor you must obtain a GC License from the State of where you reside. This person must have a license , insurance , bonded, site permits and most of all have experience.

A General Contractor (GC) either performs all of the project or hires sub-contractors. Sub-contractors are people with a specialized license for a specific trade. A GC is responsible for providing all material, tools, equipment and labor. Again unless the GC hires a sub-contractor depending on the contract between the two one or the other supplies all the mentioned above. When an owner hires a GC the owner and GC communicate amongst each other and the GC than communicates with the sub-contactor and or the vendors.

Types of Projects General Contractors do:

A General Contractor can do a renovation, repair , do improvement and or a new build. A GC is able to do a project in a Residence and Commercial. A GC can be in charge of the bigger project with the help of the sub-contractor to achieve a deadline.

Steps to Becoming a General Contractor:

1. Experience is a must. You must have from 3-5 years experience. Learn the skills it takes to be a GC through work experience.

2. You will need to take a course or go to college to obtain your license. In these courses/classes you learn the back end of being a GC for example contracts, mathematical , Laws of Construction, and many more. Check out your local contracting schools for more info on how to enroll. Every state is different.

3. Eligibility: Before you take your state test there are requirements . First you fill out an application.You must have skills and knowledge of how to do every trade in the construction industry. Some states require a few signatures from other licensed Contractors with prior experience. This signature is to see if you have the knowledge that the state requires for previous experience. Some states require references/reference from prior employer. Once you have completed the required paperwork you submit it to your Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board for future test date.

4. Once they approve they send you a test date with time, date and place. There are 2 tests you take one is the Law portion and the second is the actual trade in this case its for the GC License. 5. Once you obtain your license you can now register your business name, obtain required insurances such as bond, liability and workmen’s compensation.

Having a GC License can be complicated to obtain, but worth the wait.




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