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When it comes to choosing the right material for your home either a new build or a remodel, you want to make sure you purchase the right material. It can be from choosing the right title , a door, drywall, paint the list goes on and on. Make sure you do your research before you go out and make a purchase. Once you purchase the material and it gets installed it’s pretty much a done deal. I will be talking about what to look for when choosing the right material.

1. Climate Zone

You might ask yourself check the weather?Why? It is very important to purchase material according to the weather/climate of where you live? Think of the climate zone. Due to changes in weather and your zone some material expands according to the seasons. For example wood expands with heat causing it to crack and it warps with cold temperature. Same goes for flooring and doors. A good piece of advice is when you purchase the material take it home open boxes for about 2 weeks so they can adjust to the weather and do any expanding they need to do before being installed.

2. Purpose for Home

What is the purpose for this home? Is it to live in it yourself? a rental? If you plan to rent the home or live in it with your family you need to purchase wear-resistant material due to wear and tear. More like concrete, brick, tile flooring/vinyl. Children, pets and everyday use tend to get destroyed faster. Rentals sometimes get destroyed because people are not careful with something that is not there’s, they tend to be careless. Now if you are alone (single) or all the kids have grown up and moved out it’s just you and your spouse you want to feel comfortable and maybe consider retiring in that home. You want to choose lighter material, more delicate wood. Delicate lighting fixtures, nicer wood flooring scratch free. Choose accordingly.

3. Cost and Store

We have talked about checking the climate zone and the purpose for the home, but we need to figure out money and store. Money?How much money do you have to invest? Do you want quality material? Where to purchase the material?

Cheap material will wear out faster than quality material. If you have the budget to spend than choose quality and purchase at a building material store. Ask all the questions you can in regards to the lifespan of the material, warranty and most of all make sure you are getting what you are paying. Don’t get cheated. Always research before you make any big purchases and ask questions. If you are doing the job yourself get a few quotes from different building material stores, but if you are hiring a contractor they know where to purchase the right material for the job and sometimes they get better deals because they are regulars.

In the next blog we will discuss the different material for throughout the house. I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed the topic. Good luck with your new project.



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