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Master Bedroom Locations: Pros and Cons

When you're thinking about building a custom home, choosing the location for your master bedroom is just as important as flooring and your home layout. Where the master is located can increase or decrease your home's value -- no pressure.

Because people typically spend 1/3 of their day inside their bedroom, it's important that it's chosen wisely. Everyone's opinion will differ, but you'll want to keep these pros and cons in mind when choosing the location for your Master.

First Floor Master Bedroom:

Pros: Master bedrooms that are located on the first floor are really convenient. For parents who still have kiddos at home or people who have a lot of guests that come in from out of town, a first-floor master offers a lot of privacy. Likewise, if you think about the future often, having a first-floor room will keep you from having to spend thousands to relocate the master once you get to retirement age. This will also increase your home's resale value if you choose to move! Research also shows that bedrooms on the first floor will help reduce your energy bills, too.

Cons: Depending on the location, your first-floor master can become noisy. When your room faces the front of the house, it can be disruptive. Keep this in mind when making a floor-plan.

Second Floor Master Bedroom:

Pros: If you're a light sleeper, then you might want to consider placing your master far away from the heart of the home. Although you'll still be around other bedrooms, you can eliminate noise by placing your master at the far end of a hall.

Cons: Like we said before, thinking about the future isn't a bad idea when planning the location of your master. Climbing stairs might become a problem later down the line. Also, noise transfer is bound to happen with a second story master since the rooms will be relatively close to each other.

Front Master Bedroom:

Pros: Bedrooms facing the front are convenient and can give you peace of mind. All you have to do is look out the window to see someone at your front door, or if your kids are playing in the front yard.

Cons: You're going to lack privacy. You'll always need to make sure the blinds are closed before changing and you'll more likely be bothered by street lights.

Back Master Bedroom:

Pros: Placing your master in the back of your house will be the quietest location you can choose. You'll be far away from other bedrooms and you probably wont have to worry about streetlights coming into your home.

Cons: If you have kids, this might not be the best option for you since having a room in the back of the house will make you feel disconnected.

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