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When I hear construction I think of a house, a store, a school and or a hospital being built. Construction has been around for decades. Did you know the first structure was made of mud and straw this was in the years of B.C. (Before Christ). We then jumped to stone building , iron and now modern construction.

To be in the construction industry there is not much of an educational requirement. If you decide you don’t want to be a laborer and be up in the higher end of construction such as an engineer, a designer, architect or a building inspector college is required. People who are in the construction industry make a career of it until they retire. It was known that when summer time came around and you were in the construction industry and you had a teenage son you would take him to work to teach him how to make a living and hopefully follow in your footsteps. That was a few years ago.


Is the construction industry at a risk? You might ask yourself why the question? Skilled construction workers are getting harder to find. The baby boomers are anyone born between 1946-1964 and are between ages 73-55. The 73 year olds are retired and the 55 year olds have about 10 years before they retire. We then have our Generation X born between 1965-1980 and are between ages of 54-43. The 54 year olds have about 11 years before they retire and the 43 year are still pretty young, but with age comes the aches and pains. Than comes the Millennials born between 1981-1997 and are between ages 22-38 years of age. Where is the construction industry going?


We are depending on the Millennials and the Generation Z for the next decades to come. Social media plays a big roll in the life of the Millennials and Generation Z. Nowadays teenagers live off social media they depend on social media. How many likes they get? how many followers? And how many of them want to be bloggers and youTubers? Teenagers don’t want to continue their education they feel that after they get their hight school diploma they can pursue their career with the social media. Yes don’t get me wrong kids are making good money off the media nowadays, but for how long? What can we do to motivate the Millennials and Generation Z?

1. Keep it in the Family

If the business has been in the family for years, they should be motivated to keep it in the family. Having a Construction business /working in the industry gives you a reputation based on quality and and your experience. Most Construction companies have the family last name and it would be nice to keep it going. Most companies are from the baby boomer generation. It would be upsetting to see a business that has been out for many years go out of business because there is no one who wants to keep it running.

2. Money is a Motivator

We all know that Construction pays well. If you know how to labor you get paid well. Unfortunately many contractors are not wanting to pay what the laborer is worth. Is that why millennials aren’t motivated? Getting your Contractor License and or trade License opens more doors. Millennials are afraid that the construction business slows down as the seasons’s change, but if you get classification/trade licenses for example plumbing, electrical, stucco ect.. you can make money all year round. Stability is a fear let’s change that. Let’s motivate them to grow in the business.

Because the baby boomer and Generation X era is different from now, Millennials are talked down to and made feel in a way as they don’t do much. Many are considered lazy. Lazy why? How? Because back in the day people walked everywhere or rode bikes to get from point A to point B and nowadays people travel via Uber, own car, sprinter. If you want something to eat food is delivered to the homes now by Uber eats, Doordash, Grubhub and many other stores and restaurants. You can shop online and have your items delivered without having to leave your home, you can get anything you pay for. That is the reason why Millennials are criticized and ask to respect when they are not respected. It’s not them to fault it’s technology- - times are changing. Is this why Millennials are not interested in the construction industry? They are not considered capable of doing hard labor? Or are they? Let’s not be quick to judge them.

Let’s keep the Construction Industry alive and motivate our Millennials because they are our future. We depend on them.

Image by Jesus Montoya Millennials and Generation Z are our Future



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