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Tiny House Hacks

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The Tiny House movement is making it's way across a lot of different platforms. Shows on HGVT have memorialized these small homes and have made them iconic to a new generation of homebuyers: The Millennials. If you're looking to buy a tiny house and you want some hacks to help you in the process, keep on reading.

Keep your window-to-wall ratio high

Large planes of glass really open up a small space and make the whole home appear much larger than it actually is. Plus, you'll let a ton of natural light into your home, which will brighten up your space!

Add window seats

Speaking of windows, if you add window seats with room to store misc items, you'll not only create a functional space in your tiny home, but window seats add warmth and give you extra seating for guests.

Statement art

Adding in a statement piece can actually make your whole space feel a lot larger than it is! It not only adds a focal point to your design, but will show off the aesthetic you chose for your home.

Vertical Garden

If you don't have room for a garden ( and let's be honest, you probably don't ) you might want to consider adding a vertical garden into your space. This will give you so much greenery and not take up a lot of precious space.

Hanging Wall Storage

Amazon has some amazing storage solutions that you can easily hang on a wall. If you don't have a lot of floor space, this could be a great hack for you!

Custom shelving

If you're like me, you love to read and have boxes upon boxes of books, but not enough floor space to put a gigantic bookshelf. Well, this the hack for you: Ikea custom shelving. You can add it into your space and use the shelves for just about anything.

The disappearing desk

If you want to save space in your tiny home, you might want to opt for a desk that can lift up or fold down depending on the need. These types of tables are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of Tiny Homes and they aren't hard to find - take a trip down to your local IKEA and check out more of their space saving ideas.

Herb and spice drawer

Another hack is to take your herbs and spices and consolidate them into a drawer. Target has a lot of small trays that you can easily insert into a drawer to keep all of your herbs and spices organized and out of direct light ( this will shorten the lifespan of your dried herbs!)

Fold out dining table

If you're really cramped for space, you might want to add in a fold out dining table. If you're able, you can custom design a table that seamlessly swivels under the kitchen counter. You'll not only save valuable space, but you can also use the table as extra counter space or for extra guest seating.

We hope this article was helpful to you and if you're planning on building or buying a tiny home, let us know which hack was your favorite! As always, our team is here for any questions you might have - contact us today for a free quote!







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